Brian and Jennifer Thompson of Explore Aviation LLC in Yakima Washington, have helped many pilots earn their ratings or gain backcountry proficiency since 2011. “The only way to gain, and stay, proficient is to get in the airplane and practice regularly. The airplane is your ticket to getting to places that you would not otherwise get to and meeting people you would not otherwise have met. At some point the airplane should be parked and ones focus should turn to hiking, fishing or just enjoying a new experience in a new place.”

Brian & Jennifer Thompson
Explore Aviation LLC.
PO Box 11223
Yakima, WA, 98909
(509) 945-1985

Hone Your flying skills in the Rugged Pacific Northwest USA
With Brian Thompson ATP, CFII   &   Jennifer Thompson  CGI

Experienced Pilot?
Expand your skills and build confidence as Brian leads you through safe operations at numerous airfields in the Northwest USA.