About Brian
Brian learned to fly at an early age in Yakima Washington. He moved to Alaska in 1973 where he worked as an air taxi pilot for several years earning an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate in 1985. He flew various aircraft including Cherokee six, Cessna 206 and 180 as well as Single engine Otter and Piper Navajo. Brian returned to Washington State in 1993 and restored his 1940 Piper J3. He became a flight instructor in 2000 and acquired the Stinson in 2007. Brian has logged well over 10,000 hours as a commercial pilot and now enjoys teaching others about flying and the beautiful Northwestern USA.

About Jennifer
Jennifer is a US Air Force Veteran. Trained as a crew chief aboard the C 5, C141, KC135 and A 10 aircraft, she continued her studies and earned a Bachelor of Science with specialization in Aircraft Technology. In 1990 she hired on with the Federal Aviation Administration as an electronics technician. Jennifer holds a Private Pilot’s License and is a Certified Ground Instructor.