Backcountry Training

Four Day Backcountry Training Flight
Using Stinson 108 (Lycoming O-360 powered) or acceptable client aircraft.

Day 1 – Ground Training, three hours: Aircraft mission capability, takeoff and landing distances, climb gradient, approach speeds, maneuvering speeds, departure and approach stalls, turn radius at various weights and bank angles. Go – no go items. Load and fuel planning. A trip will be planned to a primitive location in the Pacific Northwest, available time and weather will drive the decision as to the exact destination.

Flight Training, two flights of 1.2 hours each: With the aircraft loaded for a typical trip, client will practice and note takeoff distance, climb rate and gradient, practice transitioning to slow flight, turns at various bank angles and airspeeds. Client will become familiar with and at ease with various stalls –straight, turning and cross control, with and without power. Emphasis will be placed on stall recognition in each of the configurations. Stalls will be conducted at altitude. Procedures for setting up stabilized approaches, anticipating glide path and visual references will be practiced.

Day 2 – Execution of previous days planned trip. Final weather check, complete final check list of items on board. Prepare a ‘how is it going’ check list. During the first outbound leg client will monitor fuel burn, ground speed made good, update the ETA and consider changing plans as may be indicated. An FAA flight plan, family flight plan and spot locator will be used. Dead reckoning and pilotage techniques will be practiced in case GPS becomes unavailable. Upon reaching planned destination a field assessment will be made regarding approach, landing and takeoff.

Client will have free time on the ground to appreciate the environment. A thorough debriefing and critique of the days activities will be conducted.

Day 3 – Planning and execution of a side trip to another landing site will be conducted. Since an FAA flight plan will not be available, alternative flight locating provisions will be made.

Day 4 – Depart the back country and return to home base.

Notes: If client intends to fish, he/she must possess a valid fishing license and adhere to all regulations. Clients must possess at least a Private Pilots License and be of good physical condition to be considered for these training flights. These flights may make overnight stops at wild and primitive sites. Brian Thompson, Jennifer Thompson and Explore Aviation LLC will not be responsible for any clients safety during these trips. Rattlesnakes, Grizzly and Black Bears, Cougars, Moose and other wild animals may be encountered during these trips. Clients are expected to be knowledgeable of these possibilities and to take adequate precautions against injury or death.

Policy: Contact Brian for availability and further details. Flight time in the Stinson is charged at the rate of $180.00 per hour. An additional charge of $90.00 per day is assessed for ground schooling and logistical services. A four day training trip typically costs a client approximately $2,500.00 and includes approximately 10 hours of flight time in the Stinson. A $1,000.00 deposit is required to confirm a time slot. Deposit is refundable only if Explore Aviation is unable to conduct the training due to illness, mechanical difficulties or unexpected inclement weather. Clients are encouraged to plan 5 to 6 days for the training.

For more information, contact:
Brian & Jennifer Thompson
Explore Aviation LLC.
PO Box 11223
Yakima, WA, 98909
(509) 945-1985